White Plains Rugby operates in one of the most expensive markets in the world. It takes money to rent fields for training and matches, to travel, to outfit the side, to grow and to compete in one of the top divisions in the country. 

As a part of a new initiative to establish a more consistent financial platform from which to manage WPRFC operations, the club is replacing “Social/Old Boy Dues” with the concept of “Membership.” The club needs ever more past players and supporters to be paying members in order to ensure another half-century of success both on and off the field. 

The concept of “Sustaining Membership,” where a small monthly contribution is made via recurring payments through Paypal from a bank account or credit/debit card is the best way to support the club on a consistent basis. It allows the club to budget and plan, to build and grow.  It saves time and effort. Many active players use recurring payments to spread their dues over the season. 

Of course, for those who choose to pay once or twice a year, we will accept your money. 

All membership levels receive free admission to all matches, a listing on the WPRFC Website and an attractive Club Patch. 

Remember that WPRFC is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. In general, Membership fees are tax deductible.
Consult your tax advisor for information on the deductibility of your Membership

Monthly recurring payments can be established through PayPal by clicking the link below and selecting “Recurring Payment” when you enter your Membership dollar amount.

You are a Member of White Plains Rugby, or you are not!

Member Sponsor Levels

Membership Levels



Bronze Member


Silver Member


Gold Member


Platinum Member


WarPig Member


Bleed Blue Member


Thank you to our 2018 Contributing Members

  • Jeff 'Jake' Akin

  • James Brandon

  • Chuck Chinzi

  • Josh Cohen

  • Brett 'Vegas' Conetta

  • Will Connell

  • Mark 'Yonkers' Constantine

  • Luke Doran

  • Doug Erickson

  • Ben Feder

  • Robert Gilmore

  • John Gorman

  • Greg Jenks

  • Bill 'Bubba' Jones

  • Dr. Marc Kowalsky

  • Bart Lansky

  • Mike Lee

  • Benn Lewis

  • Peter Lohri

  • Frank 'Ugga' Mastranunzio

  • Mike Matkovic

  • Kevin McIvor

  • Pistol Pete McLean

  • Paul Mertens

  • Eric Nicklas

  • Jon Olsen

  • Steve 'Slopey' Patterson

  • Steve Peterson

  • Chuck Reilly

  • Frank Rossi

  • Jason 'Trash' Savino

  • Michael 'Gorby' Tierney

  • Paul Vandekar