Four White Plains Wombats Named to All Star Roster

Congrats to our guys CJ Cortalano, David Greiner, Matt Walsh and George Reis for making the USA Rugby League domestic all star side!

Full post from USA Rugby League below:

The USA Rugby League Domestic Competition is pleased to announce the date, time, location, and selections for the 2018 All Star Game. Philadelphia Fight will host the game on Sunday, 9 September at A.A. Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken, PA. Kickoff is set for 11 am.

North All Stars Coach Brent Richardson has selected the following squad:

Chris Wiggins Delaware Black Foxes
Kyle Denham Philadelphia Fight
Jay Robinson Brooklyn Kings
Rafael Mendez Brooklyn Kings
Tristan Sylk Philadelphia Fight
Cj Cortalano White Plains Wombats
Matthew Walsh White Plains Wombats
Dave Grenier White Plains Wombats
Rich Henson Philadelphia Fight
Dane Wilcoxen Brooklyn Kings
Brian Madden Philadelphia Fight
Mike Elias Boston 13s
Chris Frazier NOVA Eagles
Karim Singleton New York Knights
Andrew Kniesly Philadelphia Fight
Brandon Anderson Brooklyn Kings
Alex Foster New York Knights
Seimou Smith Delaware Black Foxes
George Reis White Plains Wombats
Randy Porter New York Knights
Shaniyat Chowdhury Brooklyn Kings
Jared Frymoyer Philadelphia Fight

South All Star Coach Sean Rutgerson has selected the following squad:

David Aguilar Jacksonville Axemen
Kalial Harris Jacksonville Axemen
Kyle Grinold Jacksonville Axemen
Kevin Wathan Jacksonville Axemen
Tyler McClain Jacksonville Axemen
David Washington Jacksonville Axemen
Cody Blackwell Tampa Mayhem
Mike Stoeling Tampa Mayhem
Josh Heath Tampa Mayhem
Bart Longchamp Tampa Mayhem
Justin Branca Tampa Mayhem
Jethro Hauser Tampa Mayhem
Roderigus Ceasar South Florida Copperheads
Tim Ashmun South Florida Copperheads
Jude Kurmondu South Florida Copperheads
Sterling Wynn South Florida Copperheads
Curtis Goddard South Florida Copperheads
Jordan Heine Atlanta Rhinos
Jason Paul Jr Atlanta Rhinos
Nick Newlin Atlanta Rhinos
Sean Hunt Atlanta Rhinos
Irving Carcamo Atlanta Rhinos
Steven Knight USA

On the North team selection, Coach Richardson said, "I am really excited by the squad we have put together. It is a good mix of players who have stepped up individually and a reward for teams that have performed strongly in the domestic competition this season. I am looking forward to seeing these boys compete at the next level and they should be proud of their selection."

Coach Rutgerson added, “I’m looking forward to seeing all the best from our competition take each other on which will help me see who’s in contention for USA selection; and with the added rivalry of the two different conferences trying to show who’s best, South or North.

Everything will be settled on 9 September.