D3 match recap vs Danbury

It was a beautiful day of overcast in the high 70s. Jamie Everett our captain was able to get the team mentally prepared as he reminded us the terrible showing we had against Danbury in an exhibition last spring.

In the first 20 minutes White plains was dominating possession. 1st hit tackles were made and players were able to break the gain line for meters. In these 20 minutes the possession was in Danbury's half Unfortunately 50/50 balls and lack of discipline around the breakdowns didn't allow the team to capitalize on the possession.

Penalties not going into touch cost white plains as the 2nd missed touch penalty led to a counter attack for Danbury that produced their first try into the middle. Conversion was made and Danbury was up 7-0.

About 5 minutes later White Plains was able to able to get some momentum back. Danbury was offsides on a penalty and White Plains elected to go for points about 25 meters out. Steve Arango was able to convert and the score was 7-3

Good phases by Charlie J Clark and Max Muddle were able to string plays in and it eventually to white plains first try by Steve Arango. Conversion made by Nacho and white plains took the lead 10 to 7.

White plains continued to dominate as William Mario was able to win some opposing scrums and standout defense by Eric Moreira and Tony Joyce around the breakdowns caused havoc for Danbury

Right before half some unfortunate penalties and lack of communication led to Danbury exposing the weakside and they were able to score another right before half. Conversion was made and Danbury went into the half with a 14 to 10 lead.

Coaches Michael Mackay and Michael Laczkowski were able to rally the boys up and make some changes. Brian Fernandez and Sayyed Muhammad came into the second half to make some key plays.

White plains continued to penetrate through the backs and off of a solid pick up Kaiel Blake was able to burn through the backs and dot one in the center to put White Plains up 17 to 14 after a nacho conversion.

Strong offense play allowed WPRFC to gain meters and off of a great pop pass from Tristan Leclere he put Steve Arango away to get his 2nd try of the day and white plains was now up 24 to 14 after another nacho conversion.

Substitute Caleb Miranda went in for Charlie clark and Jinesh Shajiwas able to help create a different dynamic at 9 and 15. Great feeds to his New Rochelle teammate Trayvon led for more meters and other great forward play.

Unfortunately some tough calls and missed tackles allowed Danbury to get back into the game as their 12 was able to bully his way into the corner for a try. Conversion made and score was now 24 to 21.

With about 10 minutes left a great series of offloads started by Tony Joyce, fed Jason Libertelli and he was able to use his downhill momentum and score a game ceiling try. Conversion missed and score was now 29 to 21.

WPRFC was backed in by a hungry Danbury but it was to little to late where off of a scrum. Caleb passed it to max huddle and he was able to kick it out.

Final score 29 to 21 WPRFC starts their D3 campaign 1-0!

A lot of positives are moving forward for the 2nd side as there will be a lot of competition for guys to secure a D2 position in the upcoming weeks.

Men of the match were Steve Arango and Jason Libertelli.

Danbury was able to get the last laugh as they won the carbomb chug.

With a bye next week for labor day we should have a strong practice as both D2 and D3 will have matches the following week on 9/8.

Both active and old boys should be doing their best effort to get to practices as this has the allure of a special season for the club!

Steve Arango
VP Communications