The 24th Annual Matthew "JoJo" Moore Rugby Festival


After tons of fun and laughs at the first annual Jojo Golf Outing, the Club continued the JoJo weekend as our eastern brothers the Connecticut Greys traveled to Peekskill, NY.

A solid showing from many generations of the WP Classix defeated the CT Greys 26-5 at DePew Park on a lovely sunny Saturday among family, friends, fans, and a large contingent of the young boys. The game was full of great moments especially seeing old faces returning to the Old Boy scene notably PK, Kevin “I’ll never wash this blood off my face” McIvor, Kevin Valerie, Bobbo, Dave “fa fa fooey” Mowen, Chris “Coach” Dahlem and Greg “yes that chair is tied to my junk” Stellutti.

The first WP points saw Captain Mike “Lurch” Laczkowski barrel in from the Greys 5 meter line to hammer in the score. The Greys fought back for a try and then Kevin Vallerie poked in a nice run for the 2nd score and a halftime lead of 12-5. In the second half Chris Dahlem had a lovely 30 meter run for the 3rd score, and WP began to dominate the second half.

The final score came off a Fooey line out with new comer Tony “NYAC” Nash finishing the driving maul from the Greys 10 meter line for the final score.

Many thanks to Bob “Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules” Belluzzi for refereeing his first game with no confrontations, Lurch for getting the Boys out and the CT Greys for stepping up as always and coming over for the match.

Laugh of the match went to Commander Peterman for the “ghost flyhack.” After some food donated by Garden Catering, beverages donated by Captain Lawrence Brewing, and another inspirational speech from Jojo (who still has rugby “in his bones”), many of the old boys headed down to cheer on the young boys in the main event (WP vs Old Blue) at WP High School to cap off a tremendous Jojo Moore Rugby Festival weekend. 

  Read the full breakdown of White Plains vs Old Blue here.

Here's to another successful year...