Women’s Rugby in Westchester!

The White Plains Rugby Football Club, the region’s premier rugby organization is pleased to announce the addition of White Plains Women’s Rugby to the club. 

The metro NY area has a rich tradition of men’s and women’s rugby, but the Westchester area was without a women’s team until now.  Rugby has grown rapidly across college campuses throughout the country and rugby players often continue to play with community teams after graduation.  An excellent way to continue a healthy active lifestyle, rugby is one of the oldest organized community sports.  Rugby easily incorporates many different body types and experience levels.  It’s a great way to stay fit, be active, and build community.  

This year, women and men’s rugby will be featured as a new sport in the Rio Olympics.   WPRFC is looking forward to increased interest from athletes who are new to the game with an excellent coaching staff, experienced players, and a regional and national organizational structure complete with top-tier officials.  

The White Plains Rugby Football Club, established in 1972, is part of a strong regional and national organization that promotes competitive athleticism, personal growth, and local community.  To find out more, or to get involved, please contact Ayana Rivera at our website, www.whiteplainsrugby.com or via email at info@wprfc.com.

Join our founding women’s club members and discover your #BecauseOfRugby

“It encourages us to be strong in a culture that tells us to be delicate. It teaches us how to improve the bodies we have, and not suffer for the bodies that society wants.” – Emory Women’s Rugby Club

White Plains Rugby also promotes and supports youth rugby programs and high school rugby programs throughout the region, and welcomes inquiries at our website, www.whiteplainsrugby.com and via email at info@wprfc.com. Rugby is great for boys and girls. It teaches respect for teammates, officials and opponents alike. It builds self-confidence and self-reliance alongside cooperative teamwork and life-long friendships.